A Variety of Crafts
Plaster Crafts

Our no-bake Plaster Craft Painting is similar to "Ceramic" pieces. Instead of baking them in a kiln, the molds are poured from plaster and they come to your event ready to design. The participants choose from a wide variety of ready-to paint plaques, 3-D figurines, covered boxes, frames, and more.  They then use our non-toxic, high-gloss tempera paints that dries in minutes to complete their projects.

The best thing is that the pieces go home that day! No picking up...no delivering after the party or event.
Sun Catchers

Clear plastic picture frames, boxes, wind chimes, sports plaques, etc.  These projects already have a raised design, that the children fill in with a choice of ten different colored stains.  It creates a beautiful "stained glass" project.  Window suction cups are provided with all hanging projects.
Sand Art

Kids of all ages LOVE Sand Art! We use the most exciting colors to make sand art entertaining.   We have plastic assorted 5-14oz bottles, twirling batons with colorful streamers, necklaces, pens, stretch bottles, animals, sports balls, hearts, butterflies, aliens, etc.  We offer nine different color sands which are in clear bottles, that make it easy to pour into the project bottle or necklace. Even adults enjoy creating colorful masterpieces. This hands-on activity can be done inside or outside.  It will surely make your event special!
Textile Art

Don't buy hats and beach bags for your child. Let the kids make their own! You will be surprised by the amazing results using the ideas in this craft activity. We have assorted colored hats (baseball, cowboy, safari), assorted colored canvas or cotton bags (book, beach, zipper, bluejeans, neon colored, embroidered), wall banners, autograph books, fans, etc.  This project gives the child an abundance of sensory overload!!  They can choose from thousands of different felt shapes, numbers letters, animals, space, wiggly eyes, pom-poms, flowers, sport and different shapes of jewels and gems.  These pieces are applied to the project with tacky glue or some pieces are peel and stick.  We also offer colored markers. Let your child's imagination go with this fun project!
Photo Forget-Me-Nots

We take digital photos and print them at your site.  We have 20-page autograph and photo books or colored banners that the children decorate while we are printing.  They use textiles, jewels, markers and stickers to embellish their projects, and they sign each other's books.  It's a new spin on an old tradition!  Your school will get a CD of all your photos.
Go Green
Flower Pots

Our newest craft is Go Green pots. Each participant will get a large clay flower pot to decorate using our non-toxic, eco friendly, hi-gloss tempura paints and colorful jewels. After painting the pots, they will go to the jewel and gem station for finishing touches  and a little glitz!!! We include  a bag of soil, wildflower seeds and written instructions to germinate and grow their own plant.   The excitement they get at the first sign of a seed growing is pure amazement.  This craft has been a great success with all ages!!
Airbrush Tattoos

We apply stencils to any part of the body and use our temporary ink applied with an airbrush pen (good for about five days) and sparkle them up with body glitter!