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Ceramics on Wheels is an Interactive Mobile Arts & Crafts Company. Our creative services provide inspiration for individual choice, sharing and communicating, as well as the development and encouragement of creative skills. In addition to listening skills, we inspire artistic talent and stimulate motor skills, dexterity, and manipulation skills. This, in combination, will contribute to all children being part of and participating in a fun, relaxing group activity, where every child is equal in creating their own project that they can take pride in and call their own.

The methods used to achieve the educational goals are:
Individual Choice - The children select the project they want to do from a wide variety of choices.

Sharing and Communicating - Each craft is set up so 4 children share paints, glues, textiles, etc.  If we are serving 100 children at the same time, there are 25 groups of 4 working together.

Developing Creative and Listening Skills - Our instructors give directions on how to choose the craft (look with your eyes and touch only the project you will be doing). We also give instruction on how to do the project and offer tips on how to embellish or add detail to the project. (Example: You can add polka dots to your painting by using the back of your brushes.)

Inspiring Artistic Talents - Some children get frustrated when they perceive that they did not do a perfect job.  We help them to understand that art is not an exact craft and each individual expresses themselves through their own eyes and hands. We also encourage them to make changes to enhance their project by providing support, lessons and guidance.

Stimulating Motor Skills - Each of our crafts require manipulation and hand-eye coordination. Concentration is required to be focusing on their task. They would improve their dexterity and utilize their motor skills.

Self Respect * Pride * Fun
- They will finish the activity with pride, excitement and a positive feeling about themselves. They have completed another step toward their journey of self-expression through art and design, colors and washes, gluing and marking.

  The indicators of progress include:
  •     Use of colors properly.
  •     More choices of textures and mediums.
  •     Better understanding of how to create and embellish details.
  •     Vast improvement in motor skills and their dexterity.


What Assessments Methods Are Used:

Children can assess their own progress year after year comparing their projects with the year before. They can see the improvements they have made in the use and choice of colors, textures, and mediums in their finished project from the prior years.

We assess the children’s progress utilizing the indicators of progress and, most importantly, seeing their smiles.

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